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Information4u is an informational and fun website for all! On Information4u you can acess many different games and utilites that can help you in your daily life.Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions. On you can use many useful utilites, also you can play many fun no internet games,games play, play games online, and website games that will pass time!

About Us

Learn about Information4u and learn how to share this websit with your friends and games in school Make sure to share! By sharing this website( you will help us make this website bigger and better! Please Do not use an Ablock on this website because this site earns its revenue from ads.

Online Games

Play no internet games, games online, online games in school, fun games, and website games on, that are very fun, some of these games are online slope, snake, and 2048. These online games need no internet to play and are still very adicting. Make sure to share!


On there are many utilities such as a live crypto price tracker, online games in school, and ip address viewer, and your local time. These utilities can help you in your daily life at work or at school. By using these utilities you can be more efficant! Please share!

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